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Dr. Mata López

Together with my team I aim to offer a different and innovative option that brings something more to our patients. We offer our patients not only classic rhinoplasty procedures but also innovative techniques such as ultrasonic rhinoplasty, which offers the possibility of making aesthetic nasal modifications by means of a less invasive, safe procedure with great results.

Our aim is to seek a balance of nasal aesthetic parameters but without forgetting that the nose is an organ and that in addition to looking good it must function perfectly in order to achieve patient satisfaction.
This is why surgical procedures performed by an Otolaryngologist guarantee not only the aesthetic aspect but also nasal functionality.


Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

New technology, less aggressive and thanks to advances in ultrasonic motors, means more efficient post-operative care.

Conventional Rhinoplasty

Surgical procedure designed to improve the aesthetics of the nose. The Otolaryngologist has begun to take every year to

Conservation rhinoplasty

A further step in the conventional rhinoplasty technique developed by the renowned Dr. Hector Manuel Marin which takes advantage of

Our Team

For us, you are the most important thing, that's why we have the best team of professionals.

Nasal ventilatory insufficiency

Nasal ventilatory problems greatly affect a person's quality of life, and we are often unaware of this.