Preservation Rhinoplasty

What is preservation rhinoplasty?

It is the “new trend” and the most modern technique to perform a rhinoplasty, it is the most advanced technique. This revolutionary technique leaves behind old surgical concepts to offer us a new era: “PRESERVATION”. This new concept is based on avoiding injury to important structures that were previously neglected, such as ligaments and structural attachments. Preservation rhinoplasty aims to preserve most of the structures that support the nose and to maintain as far as possible the integrity of facial contour lines such as the nasal dorsum.

Advantages of Preservation Rhinoplasty

The difference between traditional rhinoplasty and this new preservation technique is that the preservation technique aims to damage, as little as possible, the structures that give the nose its natural appearance. With traditional techniques it is necessary to reconstruct with grafts what was destroyed to give a natural appearance and to be able to restore the proper function of the nose. Today, the PRESERVATION technique offers us the opportunity to use fewer grafts and to offer our patients an extremely natural-looking result. This technique offers two great advantages: Preservation of the nasal dorsum. The dorsum is no longer cut or scraped, avoiding the loss of the natural continuity of the joints between the bones and the cartilage. A delicate treatment is carried out at the base of the nose to bring the dorsum completely to the desired point. With this technique, the nasal hump can be eliminated without breaking the continuity of the dorsum, by means of precise manoeuvres at the base and nasal septum. The integrity of the ligaments and joints of the nasal tip is preserved. This substantially reduces post-surgical swelling and thus favours the early appearance of tip definition and achieves a more natural appearance.

What other advantages does it offer?

In addition to these advantages, the PRESERVATION technique combines perfectly with another of the great technological advances in nasal surgery, ULTRASONIC RHINOPLASTY, which with the use of ultrasonic instruments (electric piezo) can reshape and treat nasal structures without the need to use the old chisel and hammer. This combination of techniques (PRESERVATION AND ULTRASONIC) is the perfect scenario to obtain an optimal and natural-looking result. In addition to offering our patients a less uncomfortable experience and a faster recovery.